Contact me (no yelling pls)

You can learn about this blog in my first post. But I thought I would give people a way to contact me directly about these topics:

No yelling though. No hate-mail or rape threats please. I know a disclaimer won’t stop an angry, video game-protecting, men’s rights “activist” from putting me in my place with misogynist rhetoric about how I am wrong about the existence of the patriarchy, or whatever. Or some casual racist whitesplaining about how they somehow know better than me or thousands of researchers, professors, scholars and journalists. Fine, I guess you know better. That’s nice and all, but don’t tell me about it. Go find one of the millions of blogs/websites/subreddits that exist just to rage about women, the LGBTQPIA community, and minorities and join that echo chamber. I must warn you though, it is loud and will make you deaf.



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