I Will No Longer Accept or Move On From These BS Arguments – the Orlando Night Club Shooting

CW (Content Warning): Orlando shooting, homophobia, strong language.

I have never and will never accept that we could not have prevented Sandy Hook, Aurora, CO, San Bernardino, the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs (a target on vulnerable women), Dylann Storm (who attacked a black church and killed black people specifically), Ft. Hood, TX, and now Orlando (I have left many out because there have been SO MANY in the past 5 years. 13 to be exact, but we haven’t heard about many of them because we just don’t care anymore). What did they all have in common? They got their military grade weapons legally. Some were able to buy and then walk out of the store with their guns immediately. Even the FBI could not have stopped the Orlando shooter from buying a gun legally.

If one more fucking person tries to tell me that restricting gun access is anything other than “THE ONLY CORRECT ANSWER”, then I promise I will lose it on you. You will never want to talk to me again because I will remind you that because your stupid fucking beliefs are putting people like me and my family in danger (I am part of the queer community, my family is black, I am a woman who uses Planned Parenthood). Don’t care about people close to you? Alright, it’s putting ALL Americans in danger.

Two nights ago the queer community was attacked. 50 queer people of color were murdered because some ass hole got so offended at seeing two men kissing, he sought out and was able to get guns to kill them basically the next fucking day.
If one more fucking person tells me the problem is Muslims. You can kindly go fuck your damn self. You Islamophobe.
If one more politician uses this to push a sickly warped ideology/position/agenda and I hear someone defending them. I will lose it on that person. Donal Trump used this opportunity to attack Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Pretty sleazy, Donny. That is your presidential nominee, Republicans. Enjoy.
My state’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick tweeted (in response to the Orlando nightclub massacre):

“Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked, A man reaps what he sows. -Galatians 6:7”


This was followed by another tweet: “The Salvation of the righteous come from the Lord; He is their stronghold in time of trouble.”
Sick. But who is surprised since he and Attorney General Bill Paxton hate people in the queer community anyway. Do not try and tell me it was a coincidence. 
This is terror. It is domestic terror. Which is a bigger threat to us than ISIS itself coming in here and killing us. This was also anti-gay bigotry. This was hate. I understand hate exists and we can’t keep everyone from hating anything. But it is not something we should give a gun and a box of ammunition, which is what happened. Our more and more loose and lax laws allowed for these people (recent mass shooters) to get guns at a stunningly fast rate. And we have and will continue to do nothing about it. Nothing.
We are in danger not by ISIS or Al-Queda, but by angry (mostly white), American men. And we can prevent future shootings. But we won’t. At this point we are being told by the FBI to just be “more aware… more situationally aware. Especially if you live in American cities.” Great. That’s what you’d expect to hear in a country slowly being taken over by a terrorist organization. The NRA has put profit and the ideology of mine mine mine! before the safety of ALL Americans.
We beat our record the night before last, America. 50 dead. At least we’re leading the world in something.

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